bryan (dot) satalino (at) temple (dot) edu

Bryan Satalino is a designer, educator and entrepreneur whose practice and teaching focuses on the intersection of design and entrepreneurship. He is interested in how the iterative process can shape designed artifacts by incorporating economic, functional, aesthetic and user-level constraints. His work considers the imprint this process can have on designed artifacts when incorporated into the artifact’s own narrative.

His current practice involves running two design-centric businesses, PhillyRow and Sol & Luna Yoga. PhillyRow is an experimental research-based business committed to bringing attention to the ubiquitous Philadelphia rowhouse through a variety of projects and products that celebrate both the form and function of this architectural typology. Sol & Luna is a start-up whose products reflect a mission to bring the benefits of a yoga practice to children and families and to support those without access to yoga instruction. Both companies rest on a common foundation, wherein value is derived directly from the design itself.